Best Ideas for replacing old shower heads

All household things have a warranty period, after which it needs to be either service or repaired. Some need to be replaced even within the warranty period is over. Similar is the case of showerheads. The regular use and the impurities in water can coat it blocking the passage of water. These may be due to the calcium deposits from the water.

I recently had to change the shower head. Ours was a two in one shower head. It could be used as handheld. The calcium deposits from the water had blocked the nozzle hole. It had lost color and was a very old shower head. Generally, if the shower head drips water and has a rusty look, it means we need to get a replacement. Many of the persons easily can change the shower head by themselves. This is just to change the shower heads. There are various kinds of shower heads.

  • Rain shower heads – which sprays water in a large area.
  • Single spray – which allows different water pressures and can be adjusted depending on the kind of shower we want.
  • Dual spray – Where two nozzles spray water simultaneously
  • Adjustable shower head – which help one to adjust according to one’s heights.

So, we have quite a variety to choose from. Even shower heads come of various sizes and shapes some are square, rectangle circle etc. Still others are small and large as in sizes. I would any day prefer the handheld shower head which can be used as an overhead one as well. The single overhead spray shower is the common and mostly used by maximum number of people. But the most interesting ones are the LED handheld shower heads, square shaped rain shower heads. These are the type of hand held showers that I have.