How to Evaluate Cleaning Products, Especially Multipurpose Cleaners?

Evaluating and choosing work-effective and cost-effective cleaning products that gives sparkle in their jobs is probably one of the most important decisions you will take in your cleaning business. Whether you prefer the modern chemical-based solution or the good old soda bicarb, products that sparkle and shine the surface they touch will boost the confidence your clients have in your services.

Choosing a general-purpose cleaner

A good general-purpose cleaner is an important value add-on to your cleaning products and equipment kit. Ideally this is a product which is supposed to clean almost everything. But it is not always the case. When you choose a multipurpose product, you need to consider a few important points:

  • Do a general simple cleaning test on various surfaces and test whether the product is effective on the surfaces it claims to work its magic on and the areas where it is not effective. Read the safety data sheet thoroughly, try patch-testing sprays on small areas in places where any possible damage or discolouring isn’t too noticeable. It’s best to experiment before and take precautions before you actually begin to use it in your business.
  • When you experiment with the general-purpose cleaner, you can very well observe where the product is most effective and you may test across other uses which can make your cleaning job easier.
  • The material safety information sheet must contain clear instructions on safe handling of the products and first-aid information in case of misuse or accident. Do verify the chemical compositions in the formulation to verify whether they meet the safety standards as stated by the law.
  • Check on the applicator type of the product to know whether you’re paying for the water or for the product concentrate. If it’s a spray type check the effectiveness of the nozzle, the spray and stream options etc.,

Our tip is to not to go by the attractive packaging and marketing hype. When you choose cleaning supplies for your business, you need to look beyond and through the marketing hype and zero-in on the ‘real’ winners, especially in the current scenario of multipurpose cleaners with tall claims of cleaning anything and almost everything. Experience reveals that price is a rare indicator of performance. Use your prudence and research to make an informed choice.