Scatter Cushions Add Cheer To A Room

Bright scatter cushions add a splash of color to any living space. When chosen well, they bring cheer to an otherwise melancholy look and bring alive the whole space. Scatter cushions are beautiful and it would do well to remember a few things when you want to pick a few for your furniture.

  • The idea of scatter cushions is to add contrast. So, do not match them with your furniture, your sofa or swing or to the walls of the room. They should be different from these and be a generous mix of colors, textures and designs/ patterns that add depth and character to your room.
  • Mixing and matching the shapes and sizes of the cushions adds variety and looks very effective. For exle, you can add a beautiful ambiance to your room by combining a few large solid cushions interspersed with smaller ones in different shapes, rectangular, circular, or squarish to beat a monotonous boring look.
  • Many people these days prefer to buy online. So how does one achieve the exact color palette? Look up a color gallery online and identify the central colors in your room. Have these as the core of your palette and choose a mix of colored cushions that go with the central theme, yet look contrasting to the entire room and furniture.
  • Now comes the number of cushions required. You cannot have too many of them or too less of them. The number of scatter cushions needs to be in accordance with the size and styling of the room and the furniture in it.
  • It is important to create varied looks as per the season or set apart the general styling and tone of the room.

There are a number of online stores that have scatter cushions in their products listing. Choose from a reputed store that offers you variety in the best prices possible.