Are You Struggling With Boredom? Let#8217;s figure it out

Though we complain of never having enough time, there is a time when all of us have excess time left on our hands and don’t know what to do then. This could be when the kids are at school when there is no one at home, lunch break, etc.


What to do when you are bored?

Here are some interesting ideas to kill that boredom and do something interesting with your spare time:

  • Hobby

Get a hobby that you can do anywhere anytime. This way you will never feel bored, no matter where you are. You can start knitting, solving puzzles on the paper, making some paper crafts, etc.

  • Read

Start reading a book. You can always carry it with you wherever you go and kill time. also, cultivating a reading habit will improve both your language and vocabulary.

  • Write

Get a book and start writing. It can be a journal entry or just pour in your thoughts. Who knows, you could come up with something very interesting and impressive. Only if you start writing will you know how far your creativity goes.

  • Doodle

Doodling is not just scribbles. It is an art. Always carry a pen and a notepad with you. Start doodling, you can slowly improve to doodling about what you are feeling, about your surroundings, or even try drawing images of things around you. Art can be very therapeutic too.

  • Phone Calls

All of us have a bunch of phone calls to make and keep pushing it to a later date. Now is the time to make those calls. Call friends and relatives once you are done with these mandatory calls. Calling people around you to say a Hi will strengthen the bond, make someone smile and make you happier too. Despite all the gadgets, we all need basic human relationships.

  • Puzzles

You can solve puzzles on paper or carry puzzle books with you. Today there are many Apps that offer a variety of puzzles. Download that onto your phone and solve them when you are bored. This way you can sharpen your brain instead of getting bored.