Reasons for ‘Why is Clumping litter so Good’!

Cats are always loved and we see that the craze and love for them is increasing. They are always kept as in bunches, not single. Well, have you kept a litter box for your tiny guys? The answer is mostly yes, since the smell of pee and poop of these creatures are really strong and unromantic, it upsets the home.

If you have a litter box, then do you have clumping litter? Wondering why is clumping litter so good and the other not? We shall tell you the reasons and you will find it amazing.

There are basically two types of cat litters available. Clumping and non-clumping cat litters. Non-clumping is here since decades which come in powdered form. Clumping cat litters are the ones which form a solid clump when then encounter any moisture easing your work of cleaning every while. The whole work is to scoop out and dispose and feel clean.

Benefits of using Clumping cat litter:

  • It is Easy to clean the faeces without much hassle. The poop becomes a solid clump, tight enough to be scooped and discarded.
  • It never allows the moisture of the pee of cats to reach the bottom of the litter box, reducing your work of cleaning the whole system.
  • These come in fresh scents which neutralises the odour, trapping them within the box, keeping your home fresh.
  • They are mostly dust free, ensuring safety to both the pet and owner/cat lover.
  • Few of the products also use natural smell like corn to please the pet while few keep them neutral in order to not disturb the tiny guy with perfumes and scents.
  • Most of them adhere to the safety standards, ensuring the safety of your kitty.

These are some very important and noticeable differences and hope you are pleased!