Energy-Efficient Windows Are Best For Eco -Friendly Homes

If you are the kind of person who is concerned about the environment and wants to contribute towards conservation of our resources then getting your home fitted with energy efficient windows is a wonderful step to begin. Chipping in towards conservation of our resources in big ways or small- each one matters. There are several types of energy efficient windows that are available in the market like casement windows, double-single or triple glazing windows, PVC windows or sash windows.

What is thesolar gain?

The heating effect that the sun has on any building or construction is called solar gain. The solar gain is different for different places and for different structures. It mainly varies with the intensity of the sun’s rays, it’s angle and also the effectiveness of the glaze that is used to either transmit or reflect this energy.

What is the role of energy -efficient windows?

Energy -efficient windows are very important to keep the intensity of the heat produced by the sun at a minimum. The window is designed in such a way that that the energy maximizes solar gain within the building in the cooler months. This also decreases the load on the heating systems located inside the buildings. In summers or during the warmer months, it keeps the solar gain in check by controlling the amount of heat that enters inside. The main purpose that is achieved in this process is that it minimizes the load on the cooling requirements and also cuts down on the harsh glare to a large extent.

All this is possible by creating and designing windows whose size, shading and positioning are done in such a way that they can optimize or minimize solar gain. Simultaneously the coating and composition that is used in the windows, can be deployed in such a way to bet the best greenhouse kind of effect.