Four Ways To Make Kitchen Time Productive

If you are passionate about cooking and love the time spent in the kitchen, you will never feel overwhelmed or frustrated. But if you are one of the several million who spends interminably long hours cooking followed by cleaning, you need to look at ways to improve the time spent in the kitchen.

The foremost way to do that is to invest in good quality kitchen appliances that have been specifically designed to reduce cooking time and give you more free time to pursue your hobbies or catch up on other important chores.

The next step is to be prepared or planned. Plan your meals well in advance and ensure that all the necessary ingredients are in place. Read a recipe, if a new one before you make it so you do not waste time referring to it in the midst of cooking.

Make sure that you have chopped and cut the vegetables that you need for the week on a Sunday evening and store them in clean air tight boxes. This simple step reduces cooking time considerably. You can keep your salad dressing ready too by freezing them.

Being planned, prepared and focused can help shave away several chunks of the time spent in the kitchen. But any time spent in the kitchen can be made more productive and useful if you know what to do.

A great way of improving your efficiency and keeping boredom at bay is to keep a stop watch by your side and time yourself for each part of cooking whether chopping or cleaning. Each time try to beat your previous speed. This method ensures that your brain is constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient while also benefiting you by reducing cooking time.

Another way of enjoying kitchen time is to listen to podcasts, news, Ted Talks or your favorite music. It buoys your spirit while also providing you with knowledge on subjects of interest.


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