How to keep your kids entertained in the garden

Spending quality time with the children is the only happiness which parents want, that to on a holiday! The cute grin on the kids face when it is time to step out of the four walls of the house and enjoy the nature is memory that all want to cherish. Childhood days close to nature, sunshine builds a good immunity among children, and many studies say that kids are healthier, happier and are ready to face the world with open arms without many inhibitions.

Playing in the garden is a favorite pastime for many children, the soft touch of the green grass, the smell of fresh flowers are just worthy to spend good amount of time enjoying nature and sunshine. Kids get bored very soon with any single activity, to keep them occupied is sometimes a task for parents. There are numerous ways to keep them engaged and have loads of fun:

  • Getting kids hooked to gardening at early age gives them lot of happiness when they see a flower form the shrub they planted and watered every single day. It also teaches them how environment science is, and they get a lot of patience in waiting for the plants to flower.
  • If there are big trees around the garden, a rope swing will be the best way for kids to climb on and enjoy the breath of fresh air; one thing which I always wanted my backyard needed a swing for the children. There are DIY types but a proper swing is always a great idea to keep kids happy.
  • Kids love to play with sand, building castles, trying to make cartoon characters is an all time favorite, getting some sand, and a sandbox with their loved sand structures keeps them occupied without pinching the parents pockets.

Trying to encourage children’s creativity at young age lets them imagine and create a beautiful picture independently.

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