This Is All You Need To Know About Estrus

Your female dog in estrus:

When you have a smaller breed then you can expect that from the age of four and six months, every six months the dog will exhibit behavior which is different from its ordinary one. The reason for the change in the behavior is that the dog’s body is now producing estrogen the reproductive organ that is responsible for mating and reproduction.

Nature can amaze us in natural ways:

In the wild, the animals mate on their own but when the animals are domesticated it is the pivotal responsibility of the pet owner and the foster parents of their furry children to take care of their needs, physical, emotional and reproductive.

Estrus in the bigger breeds:

In the bigger breeds, estrus does not start till almost two years old and by this time their eggs have sufficiently matured and mating is mostly successful.

How to determine if it is in season?

Have you been wondering, is my dog in season? Well, here is the answer. When you see that your dog’s vulva is swelling up or there is bleeding or bloody discharge from there and you also notice that the dog is giving some new found attention to her vulva and licking her backside, you may have some indication that the heat is begun. The hormone production in the body can also make her extremely irritable or alert beyond requirement. She may have severe mood swings between mellow and over aggressive or she may not have any energy to even walk about and may laze around lethargically.

The pet owner’s responsibility:

It is extremely important that the pet owner keeps the dog is a well cleaned house so as to not have fleas or other insects sitting around its private parts as there is a lot of things happening to the dog like secretion of various discharges and even blood.

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